#AANHPIhealth Heroes

To commemorate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we are highlighting #AANHPIhealth Heroes — individuals who are committed to improving the health of Asian Americans (AAs), Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (NHPIs). These heroes have made great strides to ensure that AA and NHPI communities have better access to affordable, high quality, and culturally and linguistically proficient health care that they need and deserve.

Meet this year’s #AANHPIhealth Heroes!

Nena Tolenoa

“Pacific Islanders are struggling with multiple and complex determinants of health. The Pacific Islander Center of Primary Care Excellence (PI-CoPCE) Planning Group is set up to cultivate a much needed space for all partners to convene and generate solutions for Pacific Islanders in the continental United States, Hawaii and U.S. Pacific.”

Nena Tolenoa is the Executive Director of Kosrae Community Health Center and Chair of the Pacific Islander Center of Primary Care Excellence. Learn more about Nena’s work and why he’s an #AANHPIhealth Hero at www.kosraechc.org.

Jane Eng, Esq

“At the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, we are committed to improving the health of Asian Americans throughout the New York metropolitan area. For the past 48 years, we have been dedicated to providing high quality, accessible health care services to the community, regardless of ability to pay.”

Jane T. Eng, Esq. is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. Learn more about Jane’s work and why she’s an #AANHPIhealth Hero at www.cbwchc.org.

Joan Block

“Hepatitis B affects almost 300 million people worldwide, particulary those of Asian descent, and it is vitally important to lift up their voices so lives can be saved. The work I’ve done for the Hepatitis B Foundation for almost 30 years is fueled by a passionate desire to help find a cure and improve the lives of those affected with the ultimate goal of making hepatitis B history!”

Joan Block, RN, BSN is the co-founder and senior advisor of the Hepatitis B Foundation. Learn more about Joan’s work and why she’s an #AANHPIhealth Hero at www.hepb.org and www.hepbunited.org.

Sherry Hirota

“We are #OneNation built on the strength of immigrants and health care is a right and not a privilege.

Because our API community is beautiful and strong and helped build this great nation. We are #OneNation, built on the strength of immigrants.”

Sherry Hirota is the CEO of Asian Health Services. Learn more about Sherry’s work and why she’s an #AANHPIhealth Hero at www.asianhealthservices.org and www.onenationaapi.com.

Kate Moraras, MPH

“I think the work I do with the Hepatitis B Foundation is important because today, nearly 300 million people are living with hepatitis B globally, including up to 2.2 million in the U.S., with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders making up 50 percent of the hepatitis B burden.

Each year, up to 70,000 people in the U.S. are newly infected. Most people do not know they are infected. That is all completely unacceptable — hepatitis B is preventable.

The fact that hepatitis B doesn’t seem like a significant issue to the mainstream or within communities that are personally affected is a huge problem. We are focusing on helping communities increase awareness about hepatitis B, promoting testing and vaccination, combatting stigma and discrimination, and supporting those living with hepatitis B, so everyone has access to care and affordable, effective treatments to live long, healthy lives.”

Kate Moraras, MPH is the Senior Program Director at the Hepatitis B Foundation and Director of Hep B United. Learn more about Kate’s work and why she’s an #AANHPIhealth Hero at www.hepb.org and www.hepbunited.org.

Stay tuned throughout the month of May to meet this year’s other #AANHPIhealth Heroes!

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