2024 #AANHPIhealth Heroes

2 min readMay 10, 2024

To commemorate Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (AANHPIHM), we are highlighting #AANHPIhealth Heroes — individuals who are committed to improving the health of Asian Americans (AAs), Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (NH/PIs). These heroes have made great strides to ensure that AA and NH/PI communities have better access to affordable, high-quality, and culturally and linguistically proficient health care that they need and deserve.

Meet this year’s #AANHPIhealth Heroes! Last year’s heroes can be found here.

Aotai Kotua

The work that I do in Pacific Islander communities is important because it strives to stop the transmission of tuberculosis (TB), treat TB infection to avoid TB progression in the future, help the community be TB free; and educate the community about TB to empower them in helping their families, community, church, school, and work to fight against TB.

Aotai Kotua is the Acting TB Program Coordinator, TB Program, at the Ebeye Community Health Center, Ebeye Ministry of Health and Human Services.

Lisa Chen, MD

To be part of the machine fighting to eliminate TB is to be part of a dedicated, often overlooked, public health family fighting a Goliath. Together, we work hard to develop guidance and policies that bring evidence into practice, then teach and support those at the front lines who do the roll-up-your-sleeves work to treat, cure, and prevent. But when you ask — why is it important — the answer is found in the moments you share with someone whose life has been turned upside down by TB. Hearing their stories of how TB was overcome keeps us grounded. Nothing but immense gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the TB Elimination Alliance family.

Lisa Chen, M.D. is a Principal Investigator and Medical Director at the UCSF Curry International Tuberculosis Center.




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